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Double Experience F.A.Q.

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Double Experience Event F.A.Q

Common questions and info for the upcoming 2XP events



Welcome to the Deceive Inc. Double XP Event.  Yes, Agents, you ARE seeing double!  No worries, as we’ll be going through event details like how long it will be running, and how the double XP is applied to your matches.  



What is the Double XP Event?

The Deceive Inc. double XP event is a limited-time event where players are given an experience bonus when they play the game.  All you have to do is log in and play Deceive Inc within the event window, and you will receive extra XP with every game you play.  Players will know they are taking part in the event based on the “Double XP” item found in their Mission Reports:



When does the event start?

The Deceive Inc. double XP event will last:

Start: June 15th 2023 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (ET)

End: June 19th 2023 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (ET)

Where is the Double XP applied?

Players will be able to earn 2XP in both online match types: Solo & Team games.  Additionally, 2XP applies to all progression trackers!


  • Deceive Inc. account level - ac4a789aa9c97e90e3612fae4ef367d3e0106cf8222564e82ec95abce615f1df67222375b6439e14?t=7615e6b21cdc89f20834610c938618af
  • Individual agent level - 78f5983bc41f1d1b57f31aea6415aa29c652d3a0cb8e4602b84f513f20dff064dfb51a4ecf952779?t=624585b6b8d88612dd64cd521664fcab
  • Seasonal catalog tokens - 84fe5bfda3b234c320707c8c5b9184e58e80866eb3236696e6a3ec5140e349473d3d294d31e5cfbf?t=b6e2c7454ffcec3760322b86dc8c86ae 

Does the Double XP event stack?

Yes! The XP earned during the event stacks with other multipliers like Solo queue modifiers, XP boosters, etc.  For example, the Solo queue modifier is 1.3 times XP.  During the 2XP event, that becomes 2.6 times XP for a Solo match.




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