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  • After using the Remap Gamepad Inputs command, RB/LB no longer work to switch tabs in the menu. Also, the B button doesn't function to exit the menu. Entering and exiting The Credits appeared to resolve this issue. Afterward, interface SFX may be louder than normal. Our team is working on a fix for this.


Misery Empire

  • We've found an issue with the Misery Empire update; the system may retroactively grant levels based on the total progression of the account.
  • Completion of the Catalog may only grant skins and not grant the title rewards; our team is working on a fix for this.


  • Mirror's reflection is WIP    
  • Practice/Training range: Shows Objectives at the top left    
  • Backend - The play button in the camera view after a game isn't working    
  • Visual effects are not visible when spectating the kill cam    
  • NPCs slide while doing social interactions    
  • Turning in the package while controlling the drone will lead to a mission failed screen.
  • Matchmaking can lead to unbalanced teams when not in premades.
  • Objective changes do not sync up if dead when it happens.
  • Getting Eliminated in a slow status effect will lead to be stuck in walk on revive. Swapping gadgets should fix it.
  • Sit actions may not always work correctly, resulting in "wonky" sitting postures or animation glitches.
  • Walking backwards before dying will prevent the player from sprinting once they are revived.


  • Mods are missing some animations and other visuals.
  • Locked agents use base pose of the last selected agent for Intro Pose preview    
  • Xiu - Leaves a teammate overlay on previous npc after snap skill
  • Xiu's base weapon does not have the intended handling. We've patched the damage on the server side to make sure she does not overperform in this build
  • Squire Danger sense still visible after game end 
  • Some spies might T-pose during gameplay
  • Invisible Larcin can get scolded/cover drained/prevented from getting cover.
  • Invisible Larcin gets guards aggroed as if he was visible. He can get scolded/cover drained/prevented from getting cover
  • Several characters' reload animations are visible while in cover.


  • Bounce Pad causes NPCs to vibrate and move in place    
  • Some inks need adjusting on gadgets    

Fragrant Shores

There are two doors that cannot be opened in the hotel area first floor in Fragrant Shores


Training Range

Holo-Mimic - Transforming into an object will not allow the player to scan anything else



  • Windowed resolutions don't have a title bar yet
  • Field upgrades are overlapped in teammate HUD
  • Reporting a player from the social menu leads to a crash.
  • Crash report pops up when quitting the game normally.
  • Debug text on already-owned upgrades.

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