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How To Add Cross Platform Friends in Deceive Inc.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Deceive Inc. DOES NOT SUPPORT CROSS PLATFORM PROGRESS (All progress is tied to a platform account)

Agent names have been redacted to protect their identities in this tutorial. For agents looking to add cross-platform friends to their friends list to party up for teams, please follow the below steps.

Step 1

With the game already loaded, click the right side of the screen to have the friends list appear

step 1.png


Step 2

Next, click the magnifying glass at the bottom of the friends list

step 2.png


Step 3

Once you click on the magnifying glass, a field will appear that asks you to enter the account name of the friend you are trying to invite. The account name must be the exact name that was registered by your friend on the platform they are playing from

Step 3.png


Step 4

The friend’s name you searched for will appear in your social panel as a ‘sent request’ until they have accepted your invitation. Your friend will also have an indication they have a new friend request in their social panel, as seen below.

Sent Friend Request Example:

Step 4.png

Received Friend Request Example:

Step 5.png


Removing a Friend

If you wish to remove a friend, you can do so by clicking on your friend’s name, and then holding down the mouse button on the word ‘Remove’. You will see a bar fill up and your friend will then be removed from your social panel.

step 6.png


If one friend removes another, each player involved will be removed from the others friend list.

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